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Re: [emf-dev] Bugzilla Milestones for Maintenance Release


It sounds reasonable to me.

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[emf-dev] Bugzilla Milestones for Maintenance Release


I am finding myself needing to schedule a bug for my Transaction 1.2 maintenance release, and that raises some practical questions.

I see that the EMF core component does not yet have any milestone(s) created for 2.4 maintenance, but I see that the 2.2 maintenance stream has 2.2.1 and 2.2.3 entries. Curiously, there is nothing for the 2.3 branch (not even the 2.3.0 release).

So, going forward with the various components that we have at various version numbers, I propose that each maintenance branch be identified by a single *.x milestone (e.g., 1.2.x, 2.4.x). This has the benefit of being distinct from the next release (2.5, 1.3) and avoiding clutter in the drop-down list. I don't think it's necessary to identify individual releases on the same maintenance branch, because they happen in serial order and any bug scheduled on the maintenance branch would just go into the next maintenance release.

What do y'all think? If we are agreed, I can volunteer to create the following milestones:

- 2.4.x for Core
- 1.2.x for QTV

(the CDO, Net4J, and Teneo components already have a 1.0.1 waiting and ready).



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