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[emf-dev] Re: New ease of use enhancement for your build page: regular expression filtering

  Do you suffer having to manually select the zips that go into your
  build every week? Suffer no more!
  If you add a new "regex" field to your
  /www/modeling/$project/$subproject/build/_common.php file, you can
  define a regular _expression_ filter to preselect some of the available
  zips in the list on your build page.
  Details below.
  For an example of how to implement this for your project, see
  (then commit the file to CVS and check it out into /var/www/html/modeling/...)
  If you want to test your pattern match w/o having to put files in CVS,
  you can either edit that file in place in the web root, or use this
  shell script:
  /home/www-data/build/modeling/scripts/start_cron.sh -sub gmf -depsOnly
  -regex "emf|GEF"
  Note also that if you depend on Orbit, Max (max.feldman@xxxxxxxxxxx)
  has enabled the GMF build to use the Orbit map file (instead of the
  Orbit zip), so that the GMF build can use individual Orbit jars
  instead of the full Orbit zip. Please contact him for the steps
  involved in using the map instead of the zip. The reason I mention
  this is that the regex can be set to pick either the map, the zip, or
  both, which is probably NOT what you want (as the map and zip must be
  handled very differently by your build scripts).

  By the way, this is the same regex/script that can be used for setting up crontab-based nightly builds:

  Happy building!