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[emf-dev] Re: Interim Update Site not recognized by p2

I'm aware, and the work is in progress.

See bugs 212203 and 223655.

Current workarounds include:

a) copy your M6 site-interim.xml content into site.xml, check it into CVS,
and update it on download.eclipse.org
b) install from a zip instead

Feel free to post this info to your respective newsgroups so your early
adopters are aware.

Nick Boldt :: Release Engineer, IBM Toronto Lab
Eclipse Modeling :: http://www.eclipse.org/modeling

             Eike Stepper                                                  
             .de>                                                       To 
             04/06/08 03:56                                             cc 
                                       Nick Boldt/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA        
                                       Interim Update Site not recognized  
                                       by p2                               


It seems as if the EMF update site
http://download.eclipse.org/modeling/emf/updates/site-interim.xml is not
recognized as valid update site by new p2. At least not if I DnD the URL
from my browser to the Available Features viewer. Can you do something
to make that work?