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[emf-dev] emf tutorial: running plugin: can't find "Example EMF Model Creation Wizards"

I am following the EMF tutorial to create a sample emf plugin.
I am running into the following issues:
1- the generated projects does not include the Jar files that are required by the generated code. I work around this
by manually searching and attaching the jar files to the projects.
2- when running the plug-in, after solving all the compilation problems above,  tutorial says:
       - ..create a project...
       - Expand "Example EMF Model Creation Wizards" and select "Library Model". Click the "Next" button.
   Even though I can see my plug-ins in "Plug-in Details", I can not see the  "Example EMF Model Creation Wizards", nor can I see any new
   view for my new plugins.
How can I configure which of the plug-ins will appear in the runtime Wokspace?
I suspect this may be due to incompatibility of the plug-in. I am stuck.
I am running:
Eclipse Version: 3.0.0 Build id: 200406192000
EMF Plugin Version
Any suggestions?