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Re: [emf-dev] Emf model pattern


you should ask the question at the emf newsgroup if you want to get answers. This mailing list is not really very active.


xxx xxx wrote:

Hi all,
i'm a newbie of Gef/Emf and i want to create a simple application based on the redbook sample ("LinkNetworkEditor"). I've created my model with emf and start to write down my editpart, but i get into trouble when i started to define the folowing methods:


because i don't know how to separate incoming/outcoming edge from a node. In the example there are 2 different edge (one for the incoming and one for the outcoming) but i think it should be possible to use just one edge (navigable in both directions) in the model and then apply appropriate logic on the gef part to separate the two kind of links.
Is it there a standard way to solve that problem?

Is it there an example/tutorial to follow (i will appreciate a simple emf model with corresponding gef editpart)?


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