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RE: [emf-dev] Newbie question

Which one works with eclipse 3 and emf 2? Omondo does not support 3

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To create graphical EMF models you'll need either Rational Rose or Omondo's EclipseUML (www.omondo.com).

User questions like this should be asked on the EMF newsgroup instead of this mailing list.


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05/13/2004 06:14 PM

Please respond to

[emf-dev] Newbie question

Hi all.

I just got started with Eclipse (3.0.0) and installed the latest EMF,
GEF, and UML2 (which all apear in the plug-in list). However, when I
tried to create an EMF Diagram/Class Diagram (following the tutorial
instructions), I got as far as the "New/Select a Wizard" dialog, which
showed such choices as "Eclipse Modeling Framework" and "Example EMF
Model Creation Wizards", but no "EMF Diagram". Does anybody know what it
is that I'm doing wrong?


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