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[emf-dev] Brazillian UML Tool

Please forgot the question (Can I use EMF in stand-alone application) I read in the FAQ of EMF that it run in stand-alone applications.
I'm waiting the answers about anothers questions.
Francisco Rodrigues
Msc in Oriented Object
Can EMF be used in stand-alone applications?

An EMF model can be used without change in a stand-alone application with one exception. The default (XMI) serializer is not registered in the stand-alone EMF environment, so you need to explicitly register it with your model. For example, to register the XMI serializer for the library model, you would add something like this in your main:

   Resource.Factory.Registry.INSTANCE.getExtensionToFactoryMap().put("library", new XMIResourceFactoryImpl());

For EMF.Edit, the following framework plugins contain resources.jar files that need to be on the CLASSPATH for stand-alone execution.

  1. org.eclipse.emf.common.ui/runtime/common.ui.resources.jar
  2. org.eclipse.emf.common/runtime/common.resources.jar
  3. org.eclipse.emf.edit.ui/runtime/edit.ui.resources.jar
  4. org.eclipse.emf.edit/runtime/edit.resources.jar
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 I'm a brazillian student of master degree (Oriented Object in
I'm developing a UML tool  with EMF, UML2, GEF, SWT(maybe SWING).
I bought the book of Frank about EMF, but I have some questions:

Can I use EMF for developing anothers models(use case, collaboration e ...)
of UML, because in the the book all examples using Class Diagram ?
Can I use EMF in standalone applicatIon? I intend to run my tool out of
Eclipse ? In the future I intend to put in the eclipse (plugin)!
Please, I need of user/password to access the newsgroup ??


I bought the EMF Book. It´s worderfull ! Congratulations for your work!

Msc in Oriented Object

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