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Re: [emf-dev] Loading using streams


 I'm a brazillian student of master degree (Oriented Object in www.ufrj.br).
I'm developing a UML tool  with EMF, UML2, GEF, SWT(maybe SWING).
I bought the book of Frank about EMF, but I have some questions:

Can I use EMF for developing anothers models(use case, collaboration e ...)
of UML, because in the the book all examples using Class Diagram ?
Can I use EMF in standalone applicatIon? I intend to run my tool out of
Eclipse ? In the future I intend to put in the eclipse (plugin)!
Please, I need of user/password to access the newsgroup ??


I bought the EMF Book. It´s worderfull ! Congratulations for your work!

Msc in Oriented Object