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Re: [emf-dev] New plugin ?

Hi JF,

  newsgroup for EMF is a better place for your questions.
You could go to http://www.eclipse.org/emf/ to get the id and password
to logon to newsgroup.  I will try to answer some of your questions here. :)

 1. Yes, EMF can be run either stanalone or with Eclipse. As long as
    you have your classpath setup correctly, you should be able to
    run your code outside Eclipse.

 2. I am not sure what exactly your question is about reading
    am XMI File and producing java files. Are you talking about
    codegen? If you just want to read an XMI File, the step is to
    create an Resource for that XMI File, add the resource to
    ResourceSet, and then load the resource in.

 3. The library tutorial guide you to create new plugins that use EMF.
    But I am sure users from the newsgroup must have expreience
    to create real plugin for their work.

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06/19/2003 09:04 AM
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Hello all,

I'm asking myself about a way to create a new plugin for EMF.
I'd like to make EMF able to produce other formats than XML.

In the Overview, I can read :
"If you want to serialize your objects in a format other than XMI, that’s easy
to arrange as well. Create your own resource class (as a subclass of
ResourceImpl) that implements your preferred serialization format, and then
either register it locally with your resource set, or with the global factory
registry if you want it to always be used with your model. You will also need to
write the actual serialize and parse code."

Here some questions :
1. Can I test my future plugin without Eclipse ?
2. Which are the steps for reading a XMI file (RessourceSet, ...) and producing
a JAVA file (I see this nowhere) ?
3. Is someone ever tried to create a new plugin ?

If you have some code to give me to read, I accept with pleasure !!

thanks for answers !!

JF Bucas

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