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Re: [egit-dev] Updated EGit Contributor Guide

2012/7/12 Robin Stocker <robin@xxxxxxxxx>
Matthias Sohn wrote:
> thanks for improving the contributor guide, I did some minor
> corrections
> and added a few notes about Jetty needed for JGit HTTP tests and
> current problem with UI tests on Juno due to not yet completed port
> of SWTBot to Eclipse 4.2.

By the way, the links in "FindBugs and PMD" don't work, have they
moved or were they disabled?

I had to disable showing these reports in Hudson since for some time
the DRY plugin didn't work anymore and was breaking the builds.Â
I tried againÂand the problem seems to have disappearedÂso I reenabled
the reports and the links areÂworking again.