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[egit-dev] Antw: EGit doesn't enter "Conflicts" mode after conflicting merge

Hi all,
I tried the rc2 this morning and still have the same issue, described below.
I know, that it's all very busy now, short before the Juno-Release, but I would appreciate a short comment on this.
Am I the only one, who has this issue with "merge" in EGit?

>>> "Stefan Rademacher" <Rademacher@xxxxxxx> 16.05.2012 16:41 >>>
Hello all,
I am working with the current 2.0.0 nightly build and have the following problem:
Whenever I execute "Pull", and the incoming commits cannot automatically be merged with my local ones, EGit shows the conflicting files, but doesn't enter the "Conflicts" mode. Consequently the "Merge Tool..." button stays disabled, and I can't complete the merge in a proper way.
My current workaround is to call "git pull" from the commandline. Then EGit correctly recognizes, that there are conflicts to be resolved, which I do by opening the Merge Tool.
Is this already a known issue or am I doing something wrong?
Best regards!