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Re: [egit-dev] Outdated EGit Repos

The 'CBI' projects are a clone of quite a lot of Eclipse projects attempting to provide a Tycho-only build for the Eclipse platform. Almost every element in there points to an outdated build and probably shouldn't be put on the first page of the list-of-git-repositories that is shown at Eclipse since they're not the 'real' projects.


On 26 Apr 2012, at 22:44, Matthias Sohn wrote:

2012/4/26 Robin Stocker <robin@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi there,

There are currently three EGit repos, all in different states:

http://egit.eclipse.org/w/?p=egit.git (newest commit 2012-01-26)
I didn't notice that this was still running, I now disabled gitweb 
on the old server
http://git.eclipse.org/c/cbi/egit.git/ (newest commit 2012-04-02)

no idea what this is, looks like some clone not maintained by us, 
@Denis: any idea why CBI has a copy of jgit.git and egit.git ?

the correct cgit browsing URLs are here (relative paths match those
visible via Gerrit):
https://git.eclipse.org/r/p/egit/egit.git (newest commit 2012-04-26)

this accesses the same repositories over Gerrit like the ones 
displayed by cgit, they are symlinked into the file system seen by Gerrit.

You can also fetch git data over the URLs given in cgit but write
access is only available over Gerrit.
For completeness: in addition the repositories are replicated to github,

I also configured the old server to redirect links into the old Gerrit UI 
to the corresponding URLs on the new server [1].

The first one was the old location, so I think it should go away
to not cause confusion. Is there a reason it's still around?

The second one is the place for all Eclipse Git projects, I
suppose. Why isn't it in sync with Gerrit?

The last one is backed by Gerrit, so I assume it's the correct one.
After I discovered that the second one is out of date I switched
to working with this one.

What do you think?

 Robin Stocker
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