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Re: [egit-dev] urgent help needed :(

2012/4/3 Markus Duft <markus.duft@xxxxxxxxxx>

I just built new versions of egit and jgit from todays master. i tried them and everything seemed to work, so i rolled out the version, and suddenly a whole bunch of workspaces "died", meaning that eclipse wont start on this workspaces anymore. attached is the .metadata/.log for such a session. i don't get a workbench at all, but only a "see .metadata/.log" error message.

bad enough, my egit/jgit workspace is one of the broken ones, so i cannot even start this... from the log it looks like it doesn't like the up/down arrow decorations, but i can't imagine that those are the problem, because after all they have been in for a while.

interesting enough, it has to be something with the workspace metadata, because i can fire up another workspace with the same eclipse just fine... ?! i'm confused...

there are basically 2 types of problems reported, the first one looks like a cleanup issue in JDT,
the second one:
java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:Â
Invalid character constant

at org.eclipse.egit.ui.internal.GitLabelProvider.formatBranchTrackingStatus(GitLabelProvider.java:70)
at org.eclipse.egit.ui.internal.GitLabelProvider.getStyledTextFor(GitLabelProvider.java:179)
at org.eclipse.egit.ui.internal.repository.RepositoriesViewLabelProvider.getStyledText(RepositoriesViewLabelProvider.java:345)
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.navigator.extensions.SafeDelegateCommonLabelProvider.getStyledText(SafeDelegateCommonLabelProvider.java:118)
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.navigator.NavigatorContentServiceLabelProvider.findStyledText(NavigatorContentServiceLabelProvider.java:165)
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.navigator.NavigatorContentServiceLabelProvider.getStyledText(NavigatorContentServiceLabelProvider.java:151)
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.navigator.NavigatorDecoratingLabelProvider$StyledLabelProviderAdapter.getStyledText(NavigatorDecoratingLabelProvider.java:68)
at org.eclipse.jface.viewers.DelegatingStyledCellLabelProvider.getStyledText(DelegatingStyledCellLabelProvider.java:195)
at org.eclipse.jface.viewers.DecoratingStyledCellLabelProvider.getStyledText(DecoratingStyledCellLabelProvider.java:192)
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.navigator.NavigatorDecoratingLabelProvider.getText(NavigatorDecoratingLabelProvider.java:222)
at org.eclipse.jface.viewers.ViewerComparator.compare(ViewerComparator.java:135)
at org.eclipse.ui.navigator.CommonViewerSorter.compare(CommonViewerSorter.java:140)

seems to be caused by your platform not being able to resolve the up/down arrow characters.

- Did you try to use a different character instead ?
- How did you build your EGit version ?Â
- Why don't you simply use the nightly version built by Hudson ?Â