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[edt-dev] builds are up and running from Git

Hi there!

I finished getting our builds to run from Git.

There's an important change to our development process: the Team -> Release tool doesn't work with Git, so we can't use it anymore.  The build will simply compile the files in the master branch.  We still have a map file, but we only need to change it when we add or remove a plugin.

The build system will check Git for changes at the usual build times (9:00 AM and PM in the Eastern U.S. timezone).  If there are no changes in the repository, then nothing will happen.

Several of our wiki pages describe how to work with CVS.  Over the next few days I'll update them with information about Git.


P.S.  The nine Git repositories that were created during our first migration from CVS have been deleted.

Matt Heitz
Developer, Eclipse EGL Development Tools and IBM Rational Business Developer