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[edt-dev] Change in schedule for EDT 0.8.0 Milestones 1 and 2

I have updated the EDT 0.8.0 Planning page with revised schedule for
Milestones 1 and 2.  Based on our current status, and the upcoming long
holiday in China, we have decided that this Friday (Jan 20) is a better
stopping point for Milestone 1, instead of Jan 27.    We expect to freeze
the M1 build this Friday, do some smoke testing on Monday to be sure that
the driver holds up, and formally publish it on Tuesday, Jan 24 (assuming
all goes well!).   We'll also publish information on the enhancements that
have been implemented.

This will add an extra week to Milestone 2, which will give us a longer run
to implement some larger enhancements.   Milestone 2 will now run Jan 23 -
Feb 17, with the final week reserved for testing.

I have also added a link to a new Milestone 1 Planning page.   It contains
a couple of Bugzilla queries.  One shows the enhancements / tasks planned
for Milestone 1.  The other shows a list of defects that are fixed in
Milestone 1.  A lot of these defects were deferred from the 0.7.0 GA

Lisa Lasher
EGL Project Manager
(919) 254-0057  (tieline 8-444-0057)