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[edt-dev] What's New in M3?

The following is a list of features that I believe were added to the EDT project in milestone 3, according to a search of resolved enhancements in bugzilla.  If you think something should not be on this list, or if you think that something is missing, let me know.

[NOTE: The purpose of this list will be to draw attention to new features or changes that were made since the last milestone.  While we may have added or enhanced support for existing features in M3, we will probably not add them to this list if it was not a 'significant' change (e.g. adding support for an existing  language feature, where that feature was specified in a prior milestone and the specification did not change in M3.]

* EUnit test framework
* Rich UI Widget Projects (EGL and Dojo 1.6)
* Language Changes
        - Language Nullability and Instantiation Changes
        - Reference types vs Value types
        - Date and Timestamp Changes
        - Array Changes
        - Added SQL (Entity) Support
        - Added Enumeration Support
* Service Invocations (_javascript_ only)
        - REST Services Support
        - XML and JSON Support
        - Dedicated Service support
        - Updated 'New' wizards to use Templates
        - Added support for specifying arguments with generators
        - Added Quick Fix support
        - Added the Deployment Descriptor Editor
        - Service Deployment
        - Rich UI Application Deployment
        - _javascript_ Debugging
        - Rich UI Visual Editor
        - IDE Test Server
        - Added ability to create Records from a SQL Database