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Re: [edt-dev] Deployment descriptor changes

The deployment changes have been released and testers may continue to run deployment scenarios. Please open a bug if something that used to work no longer does. To repeat what I said yesterday, every *.egldd file in your workspace will need to be recreated. You can open the existing files with the text editor and replace the contents with:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<egl:deployment xmlns:egl="http://www.eclipse.org/xmlns/edt/deployment/1.0">

I've done some sniff testing and I've been able to deploy services, RUIHandlers, bind files look correct, wizards are creating the appropriate information in the file, but I'm going to hit it harder tomorrow.


-----Justin Spadea/Durham/IBM wrote: -----

To: edt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
From: Justin Spadea/Durham/IBM
Date: 09/20/2011 03:15PM
Subject: Deployment descriptor changes

Hi everyone,

Joe and I have been working on extensive changes to the deployment descriptor model. With this change means everything using the model is going to be updated as well. I'd like to ask that no one fix any bugs that touch either of the DD models unless it's urgent - especially the editor and its wizards (both models exist in org.eclipse.edt.ide.deployment.core - the EMF generated model used by editors, wizards, etc, and our hand-written model used by deployment). If you have local changes in any of this code, you're going to find yourself in conflict hell when I commit the code changes.

I'll send another note out when the changes have been released, probably later this week.

Also, the part that affects everyone - once the changes are in the build, you will need to recreate all your DD files. Sorry, there's no way around that, the model has changed such that existing DD content will be the wrong syntax. No migration will be provided, this is a one-time breakage. We wanted to get the model changes in before 0.7.0 ships, so that we don't do this to those using a stable build in the future.