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[edt-dev] Major core and ide reworking has been released

A heck of a lot of code has changed today, which means there's definitely potential for a few hiccups (some might call them bugs). Please open a bug report if you see any builder errors (be sure to include the stack trace that shows the "Caused by", and it's usually a problem in the mof plug-ins, caught by the builder).

What changed:
Compilers can now specify their system environment (there used to be one static system environment)
- This marks one step towards making compilers more extensible
The project environments have been reworked. There were previously four different environments, and now it has been reduced to just two.
- GenerateEnvironment is gone and its functionality put into ProjectEnvironment
- A new class ProjectIREnvironment is used to keep track of the object stores for a project's build path and handles IR caching
- ProjectEnvironment uses ProjectIREnvironment, and together this replaces IDEEnvironment (which is now gone)
- We're no longer dumping caches left and right. This should improve performance but increase memory usage. If you see the memory usage going out of control, then we might have to start dumping more caches or use smarter caching.

Now that this is done, Paul is working on refactoring a bunch of the core code (I think it's mostly reorganizing where various classes are located). I'd hold off modifying code in the following projects until this is complete: