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[eclipselink-users] Insert not happening to database table after migrating mapping files from toplink10.*



We are migrating from toplink10.* to eclipselink. So I converted the existing toplink mwp file and some java files using eclipselink rename tool. Also changed the type conversion mapping to Object type mapping.


Using toplink mapping every thing works fine but with eclipselink insert is not happening to one of the table. I am doing JpaHelper.getEntityManager(entityManager).getUnitOfWork().deepMergeClone(obj) to insert and update records in database. Also tried mergeClone(obj), shallowMergeClone(obj). With Toplink mapping getToplinkTemplet().deepMerge(obj) was used earlier.


Its able to fetch records from database and update the existing record. Insert is happening if all fields are direct to field mapping.


I tried with eclipselink 2.3.2 as well as 2.4.0, issue is there for both version.


We have used following type of mapping through eclipselink workbench,

Direct to Field,

One to One,

One to Many,

Object type,



Some of the field were inherited from super class and are mapped in the child class. Also we have inheritance(inheritance tab) to map to a particular column with some specific value.





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