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Re: [eclipselink-users] Sequences set via-triggers and the@SequenceGenerator annotation

If ALL the tables in persistence unit are equipped with the triggers then it's easier to subclass the database platform:
class OraclePlatformWithIdentity extends OraclePlatform {
  public OraclePlatformWithIdentity{
  public boolean supportsSequenceObjects() {
    return false;
Pass the subclassed platform name through persistence unit property:
eclipselink.target-database  -> "OraclePlatformWithIdentity"
Alternatively, if only SOME tables use triggers and other use sequence objects in the original way then you need to use SessionCustomizer:
// set the flag in OraclePlatform indicating that it supports "Identity"
OraclePlatform platform = (OraclePlatform)session.getLogin().getPlatform();
// change each sequence associated with table with a trigger to behave like Identity
Hope that helps,
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Subject: [eclipselink-users] Sequences set via-triggers and the@SequenceGenerator annotation

> Here's the situation.
> I have a database where the pk sequence for each table is set via an
> insert trigger. All of these triggers are dumb, and don't check to
> make sure the pk is not already set in the row before grabbing the
> nextval and setting it.
> I discovered this problem while running some tests of doing cascade
> persists, and my sequence and hence PK of a parent table was being
> incremented twice. Once by EclipseLink a second time via the insert
> trigger.
> Is there some sort of way I can tell EclipseLink to Post-Fetch the
> sequence after the insert and figure out relationships that way or
> would I be better off just biting the bullet and making all my
> triggers more intelligent?
> Thanks,
> Tim
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