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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Updated Proposal for submitted DatabasePlatform integration

Hi Markus,

We realize that contributing DatabasePlatforms to EclipseLink is a frustrating thing to do and this proposal is intended to do two things.

1. Try to make it less frustrating
2. Encourage discussion about what we can do to make it even better

You and Dies have been the two people who have been the most affected by the process and, as such, we appreciate any constructive feedback you have.

In the case of MaxDB platform - your earlier contribution, I think this proposal would have helped quite a bit.

In the case of SQLAnywhere (a replacement for an existing platform), there are probably some things we can improve. Do you have specific, constructive suggestions?

We are doing our best to move EclipseLink towards being more contributer and community friendly and suggestions are welcome. I can't promise an over-night transformation, but there are some concrete things we are doing. Along with the proposal above and some upcoming work to make submitted patches easier to contribute and integrate, our upcoming release has added some community-centric goals. We have already started work to address our most voted-on bugs, and will be working hard to reduce our submitted patch backlog.

The bottom line is that we realize there are some community-related areas we can improve and are taking steps to improve. Once again, specific, constructive suggestions from the community can only help us improve.

For specific issues, for instance, with test cases that are hard to understand filing a bug is the ideal way to track the issue in a way that will not get lost. For more general issues, please feel free to send and email to this mailing list.

I agree that it would be a good idea to increase the level of documentation for our test cases and I think we should start by ensuring new test cases are better documented.

Thanks for all your past work and any suggestions you have,

Markus Karg wrote:
Sounds good, but in the particular case of SQL Anywhere, doesn't match the
reality: While my contributed code at runtime is superior to the existing
code, the existing code passes more tests. Sad but true, this is not a
problem of the platform, but of the particular tests. As many of them are
not well documented, it is nearly impossible to understand what they intend
and what the reason is why they not pass. In the SQL Anyhwere scenario many
of the tests are written in the expectation that SQL Anywhere is derived
from Sybase ASE, which it actually is not the case. So it is quite obvious
that the tests will pass with a "wrong" platform much better than with a
"correct" one. In the end, this cannot be solved without massive help of
Oracle to either document or rewrite the tests.

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Hi All,

   I have updated the proposal for lowering the barrier for integrating
contributer-submitted DatabasePlatforms into the product.  Please
feedback either via this mailing list, or the Discussion page.


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