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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Eclipselink query full package entity name

   Fully Qualified Entity Class names are not supported by the JPA specification.  It is a Hibernate extension.  If you can alter the JPQL statement you would simply need :  select u from SwUsuario u where username = :username

João Augusto Charnet wrote:
I'm trying to use JBoss Seam security authorization and authentication with eclipselink. JBoss seam, creates the query to find the user as follows:
select u from br.com.softcomex.model.base.entity.SwUsuario u where u.username = :username

With Hibernate, this query seems to work. But with eclipselink, I get an error:

Caused by: Exception [EclipseLink-8024] (Eclipse Persistence Services - 1.1.1.v20090430-r4097): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.JPQLException
Exception Description: Syntax error parsing the query [select u from br.com.softcomex.model.base.entity.SwUsuario u where username = :username], line 1, column 16: syntax error at [.].
Internal Exception: MismatchedTokenException(71!=66)

It seems that eclipselink does not translate the full package entity name to a single name.
Is this an issue, a misconfiguration or a feature (not support queries with full package names).

Thanks a lot.


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