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Re: [eclipse.org-planning-council] Photon M7 not ready

Is there a concrete bug report that describes the concrete bug that needs to be fixed?


From:        "Mikaël Barbero" <mikael.barbero@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        18.05.2018 15:14
Subject:        [eclipse.org-planning-council] Photon M7 not ready
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Dear planning council

As you may have seen on cross-project and epp-dev, M7 is still not ready. An issue about checksums in aggregated p2 repo has been discovered yesterday. A couple of tentative fixes have been made, unsuccessfully (some of which have been delayed by other issues: contributions disappearing, CBI JIPP getting down...).

I'm still investigating, but I guess we want a plan B.

First, I'd like to ask you to test what is currently ready and could be made visible anytime now: http://download.eclipse.org/releases/photon/201805181000/(it's not added to the composite http://download.eclipse.org/releases/photon/). Could you please try to install/update stuff from it, especially plugins and features listed here https://gist.github.com/nickboldt/077e517c64e9750d07a385ae586f4b0b

My tests on a Photon M6 don't raise any issue, despite the checksum issue. If we are good, we could ask EPP to use this repo to build and make this repo available. It will buy us some time by RC1 staging completion (next Wed.) in order to fix the issue.

Other solution. The issue appears only for project using very latest p2 version to build (either directly or from Tycho 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT) being Eclipse projecst (platform, pde, jdt...) and objectteams. Maybe we could reach out to them asking to build with a version of p2 which does not break the simrel build. It's less than ideal, but not unreasonable IMO.

Finally, I can also "manually" edit the p2 artifacts files to fix the checksum. It's a bit less reasonable that previous solution.



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