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[eclipse.org-planning-council] Cutting down requirements

As I mentioned on the call today, the list of 40+ "requirements" is pretty daunting for new projects coming to the train (even if half of them are optional). I think we should take any opportunity we can to cut this down or combine entries. I read through the document this morning and the following came to mind:

1) There are five items about localization: "Message Bundles", "Support Translations", "Excel in NL Support", "Test Localization" and "Enable Use With All Languages". We could probably combine these into a single "Localization" bullet point that contains all the details. We can leave it alone if people think it is helpful but I think having the information in one place would streamline it. Some of the specific technology choices will really vary across projects anyway.

2) Retention Policy - this could just be a sentence on the "Provide p2 repository" entry.

3) Metrics. Do projects really do this? Is it just part of the release review documentation? One option here is just to submit your git repository to http://ohloh.net and let it produce your project stats. dash.eclipse.org, and Wayne's fancy new project pages also provide some stats.

4) Optimization. I'm not really sure what this means. It just provides a link to a list of available p2 ant tasks. The "Provide p2 repository" entry already says repositories need to be conditioned and packed. What other optimization does this refer to?