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[eclipse.org-planning-council] A new FAQ entry, about "how to request a rebuild"

Just wanted to let you, the Planning Council, know that I wrote down "how to request a rebuild". (Surprised there wasn't one already ... let me know if I've missed it).


I am not trying to change anything, certainly not any of our agreed-to processes, just document what we do, and make it easier for others to know what to do when exceptional cases come up.

Feel free to improve the entry, or let me know if I have missed the mark.

Just wanted to be explicit it was there for your review, or use, if you'd like.

I'm fine considering the current request from Papyrus "done" and while writing down the FAQ was partially motivated by their situation, I am not hinting that more be done for their case. But, I do want to be sure PMCs and Planning Council are involved in future or most requests so that rebuilds don't just come down to my whims.