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Re: [eclipse.org-planning-council] Reminder of Wednesday, August 3, 12 noon meeting

I've written the policy about "new things in service release" as a FAQ at Can a new project or feature join a Simultaneous Service Release (SR1 or SR2)? [1].

Please improve it or let us know if issues.  And, yes, Achim, you can still do minor additions :) ... no "changes in policy" are intended, we just trying to document what we agree we have been doing ... and, that we are not changing or saying anything about EDP ... it always comes first!  

We did (during meeting) agree to put the extra week in M6. Since one or two people could not make the meeting, we'll leave this as "tentative" for one week, so please say quickly if anyone disagrees. Otherwise, on August 10, we'll consider these [2] the official plan dates and I will enter them into our shared calendar at that time. I've only changed the M6 and M7 lines in the table from previous version, but please proof read the entire table for me ... as these are considered the "official dates" by many people and a simple typo can have an big impact on plans, if it goes unnoticed.

At next meeting, we will have our "Indigo Retrospective", so please work with the projects you represent to get their feedback, if you haven't already.

Greatest thanks.  I could tell from the participation, interest, and discussions at today's meeting, that Juno will be our best Simultaneous Release yet!

[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/SimRel/Simultaneous_Release_FAQ#Can_a_new_project_or_feature_join_a_Simultaneous_Service_Release_.28SR1_or_SR2.29.3F
[2] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Juno/Simultaneous_Release_Plan#Schedule

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Sorry, can't get into the conferencing system (alway disconnected).

Juno schedule is fine with me. I'd prefer a longer M6.

"New things in service release": we will do minor additions, so please  
don't disagree now :-)


Quoting David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> Back from Holiday? Ready for another year?
> I expect the biggest topic at this meeting will be to finalize the Juno
> milestone dates. We'll save "retrospective" and a deep dive into
> requirements for future meetings.
> Thanks,

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