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[eclipse.org-planning-council] Reminder of Wednesday meeting, June 1, 12 Noon

I would (still) like to have our regularly scheduled "first Wednesday" Planning Council meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1, 12 noon Eastern.

The wiki still seems down (for write access? I, at least, can not login?) so I have not produced an agenda there yet, but, at a minimum, would like to discuss following topics:

I. Indigo Service release dates

I noticed I never had updated our planning document for Indigo Service Release dates. But have now. Please review/proof read. They are "just like every other year" (nearly).

II a. Non compliant projects for Indigo release ... status/plans?

I was hoping to have some updated, more recent statistics for "RC3", but probably won't, given infrastructure problems. But still, would like to hear your views on some of the more 'critical' issues that your sub projects are not compliant with ... the ones that are of most concern, to me, are missing legal files, not using 4 part version numbers, and having unsigned jars in repository. Please check if any of your sub projects need to attend to these and be prepared to provided status and plans to correct.
347239 many Indigo bundles missing legal files in RC2 repo
347241 several projects not using 4 part version numbers
346824 Unsigned jars in Indigo ...
Any other concerns?

II b. Should we need schedule another meeting ... before we "release" ... next week? in two weeks? ... to discuss once more recent data is in hand? Or can we say now "release is conditional on ... " and "inclusion in repository is conditional on ... "?

III. Other?

Please check our normal planning meetings page, and I'll provide agenda there before the meeting, if I can. Feel free to add items to the agenda.