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Re: [eclipse.org-membership-at-large] Critcally Important Issue

You are right, picking names is hard. It is unclear how the current set of name choices came about but there is some concern that the names do not serve the intended purpose. That is, the train name is predominantly a marketing label that should be readily consumable by and compelling to the absolute broadest set of actual and potential community members. It should simultaneously be compelling to the producing community. Such a name must be easy spell, pronounce and use in prose. These concerns should take precedence over sort orders, themes and other issues.

Community based naming is challenging but it is an exercise that should IMHO be carried out. The Planning Council mailing list appears to be closed so the best place for that discussion seems to be bugzilla (I think that's where we did it last year). To that end, see the following bug


Oliver E Cole wrote:

Coding is easy, picking names is hard. It is time to pick a name for the next release train (after the soon to be successful Galileo release). Please participate in the poll or forever hold your piece:


The Planning Council will take this input and make a decision in the May 6th call.

The PC reserves the right to actually sell the naming rights, so if you do have a legitimate offer, contact me directly :).