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[eclipse.org-membership-at-large] 2006 Eclipse Market Research Program

Title: 2006 Eclipse Market Research Program
In early 2005 the Eclipse Foundation and a number of members commissioned Evans Data Corp. to do what turned out to be a very successful market research project. The research provided a tremendous base of information for all the participating companies and I can tell you without hesitation that here at Instantiations we feel we got our money's worth and more.

We're now putting together the 2006 version of the study and I've agreed to chair the project working group. As a first step, we'd like to assess your interest in subscribing to the 2006 study and/or participating in the working group that makes it happen. The 2006 study will give us new information and let us begin to extend trend information off the 2005 data.

The initial research goals (subject to review by the 2006 working group) are the same as last year:
Improved understanding of:
a) the market for commercial Eclipse-based offerings
b) the wants, needs and perceptions of two populations: 
(1) those current using Eclipse or Eclipse-based products;
(2) those not currently using, but aware of Eclipse or Eclipse-based offerings
c) penetration of Eclipse (supplemental)

The cost of the study last year was based on the size of the subscriber company and ranged from $1500 to $10,000. I would expect the cost to be similar this year, but it is somewhat dependent on the number of member companies that subscribe.

It would be great if your company could participate in the study and the working group. If you're interested, please reply to this message. I'd like to put together a first meeting of the working group in the next week or so. If you're not interested, please forward this message to your Marketing Department...they will be! ;-)

Mike Taylor
President and CEO
Instantiations, Inc.
Power Tools for Professional Software Developers

Voice: (503) 598-4911