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[eclipse.org-membership-at-large] Re: [eclipse.org-committers] Preview / Request For Comments on the draft Eclipse Development Process Guidelines

Hi Bjorn,

I finally managed to read through the document and have some minor

- in the Implementation (Mature) Phase section it says not to use viewcvs
links and not put large files into the CVS repository. Currently there's no
pre-defined directory for a component to store its data and I have no idea
where I should place it, actually Roy told us that there's no solution for
this yet. If the policy is to not use CVS for larger files then along with
the component creation in CVS a corresponding directory should be created
and assigned to the component.

- the way we use bugzilla is a little bit different than described as
common scheme:
      - to reduce the entries in the inbox we move bugs that need more info
or clarification to REMIND
      - we normally don't assign a target milestone when the bugs come in
but when we do the milestone planning
      - the document does not mention WORKSFORME, which we often use

- the link that allowed to read the full document (instead of clicking
through it) seems gone. That's bad, especially when you want to print the
document or read it off-line

Minor Corrections:
- page 1 (Guiding Principles): "well-defined process" instead of
"well-defined processed"
- page 10 (Heartbeat Builds): "communities without regular milestone"
instead of "communities with regular milestone"


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Committers and Members,
For the past couple months, I have been working with the Eclipse Council
members, the Eclipse Committer and Plug-in Provider Representatives, and
employees of the Eclipse Foundation to come up with some guidelines to
help interpret and understand the Eclipse Development Process.  We would
really appreciate your input and advice, critiques and kudos, on this
document.  Please send your feedback to these membership and committer
mailing lists so that everyone can participate in the discussions.


After a review period of a few weeks, the Requirements, Architecture,
and Planning Councils will consider these guidelines and the feedback at
the next Council meetings (in late August) with the goal of approving a
set of guidelines for the Eclipse Development Process (and hence for all
Eclipse projects).

P.S. Project leaders and PMC members - because these guidelines will
affect you most of all (although hopefully not too much because this
should just be a codification of your existing practice), you'll
probably want to spend a bit more time reviewing these pages.
*Bjorn Freeman-Benson*
Technical Director, Open Source Process and Infrastructure
Eclipse Foundation <http://www.eclipse.org/>
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