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[eclipse.org-membership-at-large] Reminder and Update: EclipseCon Press Initiatives

Just a reminder that if you are doing a press release around EclipseCon, the Eclipse Foundation would like to support you with the initiatives outlined below.   To ensure we include you in our coverage, it is important you inform Schwartz communication of your plans.


I have also include the updated press attendee list for the conference.   We are expecting close to 30 editors and analysts at the conference.   This list only includes the editors and analyst that have indicate it is ok to release their name.


Finally, we will have a press interview room at EclipseCon.  Member companies can reserve this room in 30 minute blocks.   It will be available on a first come first serve basis but each company will be limited to 4 – 30 minute blocks.  If you would like to reserve this room in advanced please e-mail eclipse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with your prefered day and time.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


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EclipseCon is fast approaching and all indications point to a very exciting conference.  We are expecting a number of member companies to issue press releases during the week.  To help our member companies increase the exposure of their announcements, we have put together a number of supporting press initiatives.  Schwartz Communications, the Eclipse Foundation PR Agency, will be assisting with many of these initiatives.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself or Schwartz at eclipse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.



Press Room and Interview Room

A press room will be located in the conference hotel.  Companies will be able to leave press kits and press releases in this room for distribution to the attending press.  We will also have a private room available for companies to arrange interviews with the press.   This room can be reserved on a first come first serve basis but will be limited to 4 – 30 minutes slots per company.  A signup sheet for the interview room will be located in the press room.


Eclipse Community Press Release and EclipseCon News Portal

The Eclipse Foundation plans to issue a press release Tuesday, March 1 featuring the companies issuing press releases at the conference.   We will also list all of these press releases on the EclipseCon web site.  Schwartz Communication will be coordinating these initiatives.  If you would like to be included in this press release and on the EclipseCon web site, please e-mail a short 50 word synopsis of your release to eclipse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  The synopsis needs to be received before February 18, 2005.  A final link to your press release needs to be e-mail to eclipse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by 1:00PM EST February 28, 2005.  Please note Eclipse will not host the actual release, we will just list a link to the press release posted on your corporate site.


Press Quote from Eclipse Foundation

The Eclipse Foundation is happy to provide supporting press quotes to any member company’s press release.   If you would like to include such a quote, please send a draft version of your press release, including a draft quote attributed to Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director, Eclipse Foundation.  To ensure approval in time for the conference, the draft press release needs to be e-mailed to eclipse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx before February 22, 2005.  As a reminder, the Eclipse Foundation does not endorse any commercial products.


EclipseCon Press Attendee List

EclipseCon will provide access to the press attendee list to all member and exhibiting companies.  Attached is the current list of press attendees that have registered for the conference and have agreed to be contacted with additional information.   An updated list will be sent out prior to the conference.




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