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[eclipse.org-membership-at-large] Call for New Eclipse Development Themes

Eclipse Members,

As you know from Skip's recent email, the Eclipse Foundation will be holding
its bi-annual "membership at large" meeting in Dallas on October 26th and
27th.  During the program on the 27th, we will all be afforded a valuable
opportunity to influence the future direction and growth of Eclipse.  The
Requirements Council has requested that we, the community, provide a list of
prioritized development themes that will be used as input to the next cycle
of the requirements and development process.  Rich Main and I, as your
add-in provider representatives, would like to solicit your ideas via email
as initial input for a series of breakout sessions, the goal of which will
be the creation of a unified, prioritized list of new themes.

To give you an idea of the level of detail we need at this stage, here is a
list of past themes to use as an example when describing your new themes.

From the 3.0 platform release:
- Improve user experience
- Responsive UI
- Rich Client Platform

From the 3.1 plan:
- Built to last
- Simple to use
- Large scale development

So, now the question to you is "What new theme(s) would you most like to see
in the next release of Eclipse?"

Rich and I will be compiling the initial list, based on your feedback, over
the next several days in order to bootstrap our sessions in Dallas next
week.  We look forward to seeing you all there.

Best regards,
Todd & Rich