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RE: [eclipse.org-membership-at-large] Eclipse Members Meeting Oct 27 2004 Please RSVP

Don - Can you please not reply to the whole list?


At 12:52 PM 9/13/2004, you wrote:
Skip, I'm enrolled in a class that day.  Can I send someone else from Micro Focus?

Don Schricker
Micro Focus
Director of Standards
Chairman J4, the COBOL technical committee of INCITS
Convenor SC22/WG4 - COBOL

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Subject: [eclipse.org-membership-at-large] Eclipse Members Meeting Oct 27 2004 Please RSVP

This is a Meeting notice and invitation. If you are having formatting problems, I have attached a pdf file with the same content.


The Eclipse Members will have a meeting at the Dallas Forth Worth Airport on Wednesday, October 27, 2004. There will also be a dinner and reception the evening of Tuesday October 26, and a New Members Jump Start Meeting on Tuesday October 26, 2004.


Please return this note to Skip@xxxxxxxxxxx to indicate the following:

Member name _____________________ Company _____________

__    yes I will attend  ___ no I will not attend

___ Yes will attend New Member Program

___ Yes will attend Dinner on Tuesday October 26

___ Yes will attend Reception

___ Yes will spend the night at the AA facilities

___ Yes will attend Members Meeting

___ Yes we will send ____ additional people to attend

Please let me know ASAP by Oct 12


Meeting agenda and logistical details are below:


Members Meeting (Wednesday October 27)

This is the first Quarterly Members Meeting.

The objectives of this meeting are:

1)      Provide a detailed understanding of the Eclipse Open Source plans, directions

2)      Provide all members with an opportunity for comment and requirements associated with the Eclipse Open Source Projects

3)      Discuss the Eclipse Foundation Councils and governance

4)      Provide detailed updates on the Eclipse EcoSystem

5)      Provide reports on Eclipse marketing and fiscal status

The tentative agenda is:

--- Introductions

--- Executive Director Report

--- Add-In-Provider Representative Report

--- Membership report and introductions of the 15 New Members

--- Eclipse Councils organization and update (including Requirement, Planning, and Architecture Councils)

--- Eclipse PMC Report to include:

n      Description of PMC

n      Current plans, risks, issues, points of interest

n      Current release version

n      Dates for next release

n      Dates for maintenance stream

This is to include all of the following PMC's

n      Platform including JDT

n      Tool PMC including CDT

n      Test and Performance

n      Business Intelligence

n      Technology (including Rich Client, Voice, Pollinate)

--- Quarterly in-depth focus area (deep dive).

This will be an in depth look at one of the key technology areas.  Please let us know the area you would like to see.

--- Requirement Break Out section. This will be small group sessions to discuss requirements and priority desires on the themes and priorities of Eclipse.

--- Eclipse EcoSystem Update

--- Marketing Update

--- Financial Update

--- Governance Update

Meeting will end by 4:30 PM Wednesday October 27, 2004.


Informal Dinner:

Date: Tuesday , October 26, 2004

Time will be 6 PM to 8PM (Dallas Time)

We will make reservations for dinner for those who desire to attend. The goal is to provide an environment for informal networking over dinner.


Hospitality suite for informal networking

Date: Tuesday , October 26, 2004

Time will be 8 PM to 10 PM (Dallas Time)

This is another informal gathering to encourage networking and informal discussions.

Refreshments will be served.


New Member Jump Start Program

On Tuesday October 26, 2004 there is an opportunity for all new members to attend a

New Member Jump Start Program  The Program is composed of a short session that discusses the Eclipse Open Source Projects and the Eclipse organizational structure and operations. While this is intended for new members, all are encouraged to attend.

The agenda for this meeting is:

--- How do I get involved in Eclipse

--- Eclipse Foundation structure and operations

--- Eclipse Architecture Overview

--- Eclipse Project Overview

--- Open ended informal discussions about Eclipse Consortium


Logistic details

Place:               Dolce Technical Conference Center

American Airlines Training & Conference Center,

Dallas Forth Worth

Texas, USA



This conference and hotel is just minutes from Dallas/Fort Worth airport.


In addition to being a full service conference facility (rather than a general

purpose hotel), the AATCC is offering us better than local room rates


To make reservations, contact AA/Dolce directly at 1-800-777-6464. Your

travel agency can also make reservations on your behalf through this number.


Dates and times           

                        Members Meeting                    October 27 2004

                                                                        8:30 AM until 4:30 PM (Dallas time)

                        Dinner                                      October 26, 2004

                                                                        6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Dallas time)

New Members Jump Start        October 26, 2004

                                                                        2:00 PM until 5:00 PM (Dallas Time)

                        Reception                                 October 26, 2004

                                                                        8:00 PM until 11 PM (Dallas Time)

                                                                        All attendees are invited . 

                        Open Lounge for networking    October 26, 27 (all day and night)

Participants:      All Eclipse Members, delegates and representatives are invited. This includes Strategic Developers and Consumers, Add-In-Providers, Associates and Committers.

Fees:                Each Member will be responsible for hotel and travel. We have special discount rates at the hotel and with American Airlines. See below for details. There will be a small conference fee to recover cost for the event meals, and logistics. This fee will be designated as part of the room bill.

                        Package details will follow shortly.


Transfers to and from the DFW Airport are included in your registration.

Air Transportation

We have established a group discount contract with American Airlines for flights

Please make air reservations immediately to receive the best discount.  Discount are

 5% for reservations made after September 25, 2005. They are 10% for reservations made on or before September 25. Please call 1.800.433.1790 and use discount code 66H4BF. This discount is valid on al American, American Eagle or One World Partners. This discount is also valid if used by your travel agent.





Skip McGaughey

Telephone 919-349-3726

eMail: skip_mcgaughey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

eMail: skip@xxxxxxxxxxx


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