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Announcing New Eclipse Marketing Programs


The Eclipse Foundation is please to announce some new marketing programs that allow our member companies to promote their commercial offerings  to the Eclipse community.  Companies will now be able to sponsor a Promoted Download on the eclipse.org download page, a Promoted Solution in the Marketplace Client and advertise on the eclipse.org home and download pages.

These new marketing programs are ideal for creating awareness of your commercial product, developer event or even developer recruitment.   The programs are only open to Eclipse Foundation member organizations.   I have attached a brochure with additional details and pricing information.   Please pass this brochure on to interested people in your organization.   Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Ian Skerrett
Ian Skerrett
Director of Marketing
Eclipse Foundation
Tel: 613-224-9461 ext 227
Blog: ianskerrett.wordpress.com
Twitter: IanSkerrett

Save the dates for EclipseCon 2011, March 21-24

Attachment: MarketingPrograms.pdf
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