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[eclipse.org-committers] Infrastructure update: Disk oddities, Bugzilla 3.2, more disk space


1. Disk oddities
2. Bugzilla 3.2
3. More disk space!
3.5 download.eclipse.org 'freeze' ability for releases

1. Disk oddities
Several hours ago, our file locking service on our main storage server has died. As a result, some services which require exclusive file locks may fail, or perform poorly.

Affected: MyFoundation Portal, SVN, PlanetEclipse

Affected, minimal impact: Wiki, SVN, EclipseLive/EPIC

Unaffected: CVS, Bugzilla, www.eclipse.org, mailing lists

We're working on restoring the service while minimizing the impact on your ability to work.

2. Bugzilla 3.2
Bugzilla 3.2 was released recently, and we're currently preparing the upgrade. This new version will bring many new features, as well as an overhauled database structure for improved performance.

You can read about the new features here:


If you use a Mylyn client to access Bugzilla, please make sure your Bugzilla connector supports Bugzilla 3.2:


The upgrade is currently planned for Sunday, February 15 2009. I'll keep you informed.

3. More disk space! =================== We have a few terabytes of disk space coming in soon for the following: - download.eclipse.org, archive.eclipse.org - build.eclipse.org "/shared" working space

The addition of these massive storage devices will also increase disk performance under heavy loads. Our intention is to deploy this new storage before EclipseCon.

3.5 download.eclipse.org 'freeze' ability for releases
With the addition of the above disk space, we will lose our ability to freeze the downloads content for major releases. If you're a buildmeister for WTP, Platform, CDT, PDT, or any other top-10 project that offers an all-in-one download, please be sure to read this:


Thanks for reading. I look forward to seeing you at EclipseCon '09!