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Re: [eclipse.org-architecture-council] Webinars


Good idea.  Perhaps some might consider it a dry topic but all the issues
and processes around Eclipse's IP policies and processes are always a bit
too mysterious for too many folks...

Another thought is something that will help teach people better how to
answer their own questions.  The best techniques to find information at
Eclipse (which might help highlight that it's too darned hard and we
perhaps ought to do something about that.)  Things like Chris' Eclipse spy
so you can figure out what component is doing something cool and then track
down the source so you can learn from it.   How to figure out what plugin
contributes what code (it's quite simple to add all plugins to your search
but so few people know how to do that).  How to make your best friend, the
debugger, even more effective.   For example, someone explained to me how
to use the debugger to force a process into a problematic threading state
to reproduce a very hard to reproduce timing dependant issue; a light bulb
went off in my head where I thought, that's so simple and obvious, why did
it never occur to me?  I'll bet not nearly enough people are proficient at
using conditional breakpoints.   No doubt other folks have useful tricks
and techniques that would be worth sharing to help make our community more
self sufficient and hence more empowered.

All projects, for example, should make it easy for folks to set up a full
development image extracted from CVS (or SVN).  How else can they expect to
get high quality patches and involvement from the community at large?

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Hey folks.

Lynn is looking for topics for the Eclipse Webinar Series, and it
strikes me that this is a good opportunity for us to do a little

I'd like to start a discussion on topics that we think might be useful
for the community.

In general, webinars with technical content tend to do better with
audiences. I had thought that maybe a "what is the Architecture Council"
talk might work, but I don't think it'll draw enough attention to make
it worth the investment in time (both ours and Lynn's). Though it might
be an interesting topic for a short podcast (let me know if you're
interested in that).

Since we're supposed to be mentoring projects, perhaps we can come up
with some content that discusses challenges faced by projects like
setting up automated builds for Eclipse applications, or maybe even some
of the more basic concepts in Eclipse that might be helpful for
beginners (like how to create a view, or extension points, or services,
or whatever).



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