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Re: [eclipse-dev] Proposed build schedule for month of July

This looks reasonable to me David. The only potential problem is having two 4.3 integration builds a week, since some teams have a manual process for doing build input and it could create extra work for people. I would suggest making the Monday build an N-build rather than an I-build. Unless you were thinking that Monday I-build would be a slot for extra test builds that we don't publish?

For dates, I think a reasonable guess is that Kepler M1 will be August 10th. For Juno SR1, I expect we will have RC1 on August 15th, and RC2 on August 29th. David and I will work with the planning council to finalize those dates and get a plan posted over the coming weeks.


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06/27/2012 10:23 AM

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[eclipse-dev] Proposed build schedule for month of July

Potential Discussion Topic for status/planning/architecture call:

I present this as a "straw man" proposal. I'd be fine with about anything the team would find useful, but think we have a few constraints: we have more builds than in the past, our unit test cycle takes (much) longer than in the past. So, initially (month of July) I'd like to leave plenty of "open time" to do special "test builds" to more easily investigate unit test machines setup and issues.  

proposed build schedule ... for month of July:


Kepler M1: mid-August-ish

Juno SR1: fourth Friday of September (assuming we'll keep 4.2.1 and 3.8.1 "simultaneous") (so RC1 near end of August).

Goal, for July:

provide some regular builds for fixes/integration, etc., but also allow time for deep investigation into unit tests setup/failures (which often may require re-testing, without re-building, testing a limited set of suites, and similar).

Proposed Schedule:

4.3 N builds: 8 PM Thursday, Friday, Sunday (none Saturday, assuming Hudson is restarted overnight, so tests would not finish)

4.3 I builds: Monday, Tuesday 8 AM (and on demand)

3.8.1 Maintenance Thursday 10 AM (and on demand)

4.2.1 Maintenance Thursday 12 AM (noon) (and on demand)

Adjust at end of July as schedules better known, regular work rhythms resume, and, we hope, unit test cycle reduced.

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