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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - 29 Feb 2012

Planning Meeting Notes
29 February 2012

- committed contribution that allows to ignore warnings from certain source folders
- made option changing on 'Errors/Warnings' preference page easier to use
- removed key bindings that started with 'Esc' in the default scheme
- added code to auto-adjust null pointer access options when enabling annotation-based null analysis
- continued work on matching bracket support:
   - working on performance
   - continued investigating to show enclosing brackets in the ruler
- bug fixing

-New jetty and JaCoCo released to build. Code coverage now renabled on Windows now that we can use the new JaCoco with bug fix.
-Much testing for 4.2 build as primary
-3.7.2 as part of Indigo SR2.  Also, 4.1.2 released. Thanks Denis for redirecting traffic to mirrors to deal with all the download love from the community.
-Was cleaning up my bug bucket and noticed all the releng tool bugs.  Was wondering if these should be closed as wontfix since we don't use the releng tool anymore with the switch to the git flow model.

- Fix checkstate on target content tab (346336)
- Significant enhancements to the extensions tree editor (360894)
- Plugin import from git (372726)
- Updated API tools EE descriptions (372394)
- Inbox cleanup, bug fixing

  Bug fixes for M6,
  Inbox tracking, newsgroups etc.

- Cairo graphics are on by default (affect users of GTK 2.24.x)
- BIDI improvements/fixes released
- API for overlay-style scrollbars released
- investigating last issue blocking XULRunner 10 Browser support from being released

- completed API for toggle breakpoints target extension(s)
- fixed issues around action activations + 4.2
- viewer performance bug fixing (
- inbox triage
- bug fixing

- the critical bug blocking our 1.8.3 CQ has been fixed and we are preparing Ant 1.8.3 for orbit