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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - 22 Feb 2012

Planning Meeting Notes
22 February 2012

- reviewed contribution that allows to ignore warnings from certain source folders (ready to be released)
- enhanced content assist listener now receives an new event when after a proposal has been applied
- continued work on matching bracket support:
   - improving detection of matching/enclosing brackets
   - investigating to show enclosing brackets in the ruler
- bug fixing

- will turn on Cairo graphics by default this week (but NOT in this week's I-build)
 - this will affect users of GTK 2.24.x
 - includes a java property switch for turning it off if a user finds it buggy ("org.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.cairoGraphics" = "false")
- work continuing on:
 - ToolBar with overflow menu (GTK)
 - XULRunner 10 support
 - API for overlay-style scrollbars
 - BIDI improvements/fixes

-many test builds to run 4.2 build as primary
-new JaCoco libraries approved by foundation legal team, will allow us to run JaCoco tests on Windows again
-vacation day, family day
-3.7.2 release preparation

- Null analysis support for fields withdrawn from 3.8 plan and
 deferred to 3.9 to allow for a broader and more general solution
 than what is possible in 3.8 time frame.
- Reviewed contribution that allows ignoring of warnings from certain
 source folders (ready to be released)
- Code select improvements in anonymous class usage (244544, 291040)
- Bug fixing, newsgroups, inbox tracking etc.

Platform Workspace:
- core.resources tests fail on JRE7 (Bug 370649) [in progress]
- Bug 366016 - Branches from other libs are displayed when trying to "Check Out As" from Orbit [in progress]
- Bug 372020 in Platform/Team in progress, this is a blocker for EGit Bug 327381 - Add support for Eclipse-SourceReferences header
- CQ for JSch 0.1.46 rised, see
- inbox tracking

- No new regressions

- Cleaned up API Tools EE descriptions in repositories
- p2 Target platform only executes configure phase if option checked
- Filter options available on dependency visualizer
- Removed useless tracing options from tracing bundle
- Tracing preference page now warns about manual tracing options set
- Waiting on CQ for enhancements to extensions editor
- Bug fixing, inbox cleanup

- Ant: waiting for critical bug fix from Apache for CQ (

- added new API for toggle breakpoint actions in the editor gutter (
- added new API for clients to provide custom toggle actions in the editor gutter (
- bug fixing / triage