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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Dec 15, 2004

 Discussion Topics



- support for more multiple console views open at once. Pinning support
  works independantly in each view.
- infrastructure to allow more than one logical structure to be 
  per type (a new extension point of logical structure factories)
- experimented with use of working sets in breakpoint groups. Not released
  due to tree viewer limitation of having each element appear only once.
- added "information node" in debug tree view to show when monitor
  information is not supported but turned on
- removed Locks and Monitors view.
- review of 3.1 plan
- continued review of Memory View, working on API
- bug fixing

- support for debugging Ant builds in the same runtime as Eclipse
- added "run to line" support for the Ant debugger
- migrated Ant Editor to use the "new" hyperlink support in the text
- bug fixing/Leak testing

- compiler support for autoboxing released
- syntax recovery in annotations
- code assist and code select now work with annotations
- annotation types are indexed and can be searched for (searching
  annotation members is planned for M5)
- search engine now supports 2 new modes re: generic types (erasure match
  and equivalent match)
- bug fixing
- JCK 1.5 compliance is 99.5% (53 failures to go)

Rel. Eng.:
- preparation for 3.1 M4 build week
- testing new builder to add RCP delta pack build 
- testing new builder to convert Linux/Unix downloads to tar.gz
- support added to source builds to compile natives and eclipse
  launcher for hpux-motif-ia64 
- investigating Linux performance testing problems
- working on design of performance result web pages 
- started 3.1.2 builds.

- theme J2SE 5.0:
  - new project wizard offers to change compliance when 
    using 5.0 JDK
  - new quick fix to change compliance to 5.0
  - worked with JDT/Core on result specification for searching for
    generic types
  - enhanced content assist infrastructure for dialog fields to propose
    type arguments (e.g. List<|code assist|)
  - change method signature now supports adding generic type arguments to
    parameter- and return types
  - work on supporting extract interface for generics (interface is
    computed correctly but not all references are updated yet)
  - added support for enums and generics to extract local
  - added support to adjust visibility of nested types (MoveInnerToTop
- theme large scale:
  - new project specific settings: code style (naming conventions),
    formatter, organize imports. These settings can now be shared in a
  - working sets in package explorer can now be rearranged and configured 
    using DnD and Copy/Paste
- misc:
  - removed references to deprecated TextBuffer class

Platform/JDT Text:
- bug fixing
- platform consolidation:
  - finished push down of spell checking:
    - spelling extension point and API in org.eclipse.workbench.texteditor
    - spelling preference page in org.eclipse.ui.editors
    - default spelling engine in org.eclipse.jdt.ui
  - finished JDT independent source plug-in:
    - submitted approval request to PMC
    - submitted patch for achieving command id compatibility to Platform 
- preferences rework:
  - reworked annotations preference page
  - moved linked mode preferences temporarily to java
  - fine tuning of existing pages and captions.
- NLS tooling:
  - added hyperlink support for property keys in the Java Properties
    file editor
  - added annotation and overview ruler hover support to the Java
    Properties file editor to show spelling problems
  - added quick fix (ctrl+1) support to the Java Properties file editor
    to enable fixing of spelling problems
  - fixed several syntax coloring bugs in the Java Properties file editor

User Assistance:
- macro recorder/player put on hold due to projected fragility of the
  scripts and the inability to predict all the possible combinations in
  the user setup that can make the script fail
- continued investigation on intro content authoring in XHTML
- working on a sticky Help view prototype that combines context help, all
  topics, search and topic document embeddiing. Most of the logic is in
  the reusable part that can be put in other places (e.g. wizard).
- working on search enhancement to include UI and Web search (with
  pluggable search engines with two-level result reporting; simple with
  engine-owned result formatting and full with search results that we
  can show in the consistent format in the Search view)

- performance improvement work 
  - we were downloading non-plug-in data unnecessarily for features that
    were already installed
- iterating over update plan items
- bug fixes

- external plug-in models caching done. Preliminary numbers on Eclipse
  show 4x performance improvement when caching is used. Will follow up
  with large-scale products (1000+ plug-ins).
- Jean-Michel Lemieux contributed an RCP PDE template that will be ready
  for M4
- continued rework of the update site editor
- bug fixing

- work on the ini for the executable with SWT
- work on new persistent property store
- performance evaluation of new property store implementation
- planning for further work on content type support
- PDE Build: support for packaging delta pack, tar.gz support, work
  with releng team for integration
- various doc items: registry, dynamic markup
- work with preference dynamic team
- worked on better preference searching APIs for Core
- investigation of issues with changing data locations and accessing
- simplification of preference listener code w.r.t node removal (bug
- more large scale workspace issues
- document describing builder issues:
- work with Dirk w.r.t. scheduling rule transfer (bug 79698)
- bug fixing