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[eclipse-dev] Coordination of efforts

A question for the Eclipse platform team:

The User Assistance team will need to create an embedded web browser for
the benefit of showing help documents 'in place' (as part of an effort to
bring user assistance closer to where the user is). Essentially all we want
is to show an arbitrary URL. I am sure there are other Eclipse teams that
would benefit from the same functionality. Are there plans to provide
standard 'show this URL' capability somewhere in the workbench so that we
don't need to do this?

A rough list of expected behavior:

- A standard action set of 'Back/Next/Stop/Refresh' actions
- A way to configure the feature to reuse the same browser (if open) or
create a new instance for each document
- A way to catch the browser widget exception and open the external
(standalone) browser if the internal fails


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