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[eclipse-dev] Extension Point Schema Changes - ACTION REQUIRED/REQUISE

Thanks to all teams for indulging us and promptly sweeping through their

The new metadata about translatable attributes will be used by PDE to:
1. flag usage of non-externalized attributes.  (already in builds)
2. flag abuse of attribute externalization (i.e. flag externalized
attributes that are not supposed to be translated)  - as per NickE's
request.  Will appear in builds next week.
3. flag unused keys in the plugin.properties file - this will give you a
chance to clean up your plugin.properties files.  This one will appear
shortly after item 2.
4. provide a String externalization wizard.

By the completion of item 4, I think we would have milked this for all it's
worth.  But if we missed anything, let us know :-)