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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 17, 2004

Platform/JDT Text

- bug fixing
- further improvement of performance tests
        - close to completion of the set of performance tests contained in the 3.1 plan
        - investigated and implemented different options for a performance meter that allows
              to count the number of invocations of a specified method
- continued work on NLS tooling
        - extended syntax coloring in Properties File editor to work with
                - files with extensions different from '.properties'
                - IStorage
                - external files
        - Java Class File editor now supports NLS hover and Ctrl+Click to Properties File editor
- prevented loading of Search plug-in when opening the Java Compilation Unit editor
        - tracked down similar problems with other plug-in and initiated fixing
- added keyboard support for opening the view menu of the Quick Outline view
- contributed to the preferences dynamic team
        - worked on the link widget
        - preparing blueprint for text preferences reordering
- wrapping up the work with the WTP team on better platform integration