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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 17, 2004

 Discussion Topics



- concentrated on fixing backlog of bugs (fixed about 50)
- reviewed backlog of deferred bugs, closed about 10% (50+)
- added API to allow clients to launch configurations without
  registering a launch (i.e. hidden launch)
- added extension point to allow debuggers to contribute a custom
  dialog for editing a variable's value
- added support for key-bindings on launch actions - for example, 
  "Debug As > Java Application" is bound to "Alt+Shift+D, J". Will
  file enhancement requests against other components to provide
  key-bindings for their launch shortcuts.
- backported performance tests

- bug backlog fixing (about 15 fixed)
- backported performance tests
- leak profiling
- prototype of Ant debugger that allows breakpoints and stepping in Ant 
Rel. Eng.:
- resolving problems related to performance baseline data collection.
  - initial attempt at data collection hampered due to hardware and
    network instability
- continued work on Eclipse source build scripts to incorporate native
  library compilation
- preparing abstract to submit for EclipseCon

- theme J2SE 5.0:
  - worked on making organize import 5.0 aware
  - worked on making quick fixes 5.0 aware
  - adapted all JDT/UI to run with J2SE 5.0 compiler
  - enhanced "Infer Type Arguments" to handle all kinds
    of generic classes (not only collections)
- theme Ease of Use:
  - started implementation of improved New Java project 
- Refactoring:
  - added support to adjust visibility for "non visible"
    members to Move Method refactoring

Preferences dynamic team:
  - refactored project specific preference pages
  - investigation of background notiifcation
  - (see UI dynamic team page for more details)

- add support for multi line-search/replace

- bug fixing
- updated tests

- upgraded DB server software to Derby
- updated HowTo document
- analyzed performance test failures

MacOS X:
- bug triage and "Radar" bug filing
- started to investigate test failures of automated tests

- added new completion kind for methods in static imports
- in 1.5 compliant mode, T[]#clone() returns T[] (vs. Object pre-1.5).
- compiler tuning for generics allows to process all generic source
  from 1.5 source libraries:
  - remaining issues are due to lack of autoboxing and inconsistencies
    in sources
- covariance issues about to be resolved (negative scenarii mostly)
- codeselect work in progress for answering parameterized type information
- initiated work on compiler support for annotations
- work in progress for bridging JavaModel and DOM AST
- bug fixing

Platform Core:
- finished reviews of new registry code. it is released to Nov 16's
  integration build.
- new project open background refresh code is in Nov 16's build.
- continued work on indexed store replacement:
  - many performance improvements
- converted most of old performance tests to new framework
- test suite refactoring
- bug fixing

- M4 plan published
- support for 'translatable' and 'deprecated'  flags in extension point
  schemas (action required from the teams that own the schemas to take
  advantage of them)
- working on enhancing the Dependencies view

- waiting for Adrian's answer on legal issues re silent updates
- more fixes for the CDC Foundation support
- bug fixes

User Assistance:
- continued work on the UA strategy draft plan