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[eclipse-dev] Problems with the makefile in the article branding your application

I'm new so I don't know many things about eclipse, I'm doing an application
and I've done what the article "Branding your application" say but when
 I'm using the build command I have problems. I have made changes in
the "build.bat" file in order to compile with the mingw compiler.
I have used the make_mingw instead of using the make_win.mak
but when I do it, I have this error:
- No se esperaba -s en este momento.
- process_begin: CreateProcess((null), which i586-pc-cygwin-gcc, ...) failed.
- make_mingw.mak:37: *** Unable to find i586-pc-cygwin-gcc.  Stop.
I think I have to change something in mingw32-make.mak, but I don't know how to solve the problem.
What I can do?

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