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Re: [eclipse-dev] Unable to load plugin in my eclipse product

This is the top-level mailing list for the development of the Eclipse project. Questions like this should be asked on the newsgroup instead.

I'd guess that "unable to instantiate plugin" means that you've got a plugin class defined in your plugin.xml, but that class doesn't exist with a no-arg constructor (which is necessary for the instantiation). If that answer doesn't make any sense, try the newgroup (news.eclipse.org). :)

- Jared

On Fri, 24 Sep 2004 13:57:45 +0530, <venkatesh.rachapudi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

HI Folks ,

I have created one simple plugin through eclipse IDE , and copied into our product which is based on Eclipse framework .

am able to see my plugin in under showview-->  others -->upon clicking
on my plugin name-- am getting error msg "Unable to instantiate plugin"

checked for option external plugin-fragments   under file --> import  ,
my product does not contain that feature .
PDE runtime error logs show unable to load the class for my plugin

guess i need to to some initialisation,

I have set osgi.checkConfiguration=true in config.ini file

Looks like my plugin is not activated . can you pls tell me am I missing any thing for loading the plugin

Thanks in advance

regards Venkatesh

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