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[eclipse-dev] Silent failure to build

I hit a problem where some projects are not being built, which showed
up  because I couldn't search for a class. I tried to fix it by creating a
fresh workspace and re-importing the projects from cvs. The import seemed
to work successfully except that no build took place and there are no
entries in the error log. I have "Build Automatically" checked. Cleaning
and rebuilding has no effect, with or without automatic build enabled.

I've tried this on two machines: one works ok and the other fails but I
can't tell what might be causing the difference in behaviour. I installed
them both in the same way. The JREs are different, but I'm pretty sure that
isn't the problem as I can get a "hello world" Java application to build ok
on both machines.

Incidentally, the projects are from Eclipse 3.0 (actually from the Equinox
layering branch), so I don't expect the fault to be in the projects

Any suggestions, as my newsgroup posting didn't get any responses?


Glyn Normington