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Re: [eclipse-dev] search in Eclipse

Sako! wrote:

some will find my question simple, for me is really not.
I work with Eclipse for about 6 months and still didnt find the solution of my problem.
1. If i search in java class about a word let me say "try"
a. i press Ctrl+f and type "try". wow that works.
2. If i want to search all "try"s in my project in all my classes
a. i thought i press Ctrl+h and type "try". <== this dont work.
anybody can finally tell me how to do 2.a?

If you are only looking for a simple text-search across multiple files you need to do a file search:
Menu Search->File
Or Ctrl+h and "File Search"-Tab


The standard Ctrl+h find dialog is usually the Java search dialog. There you can search Java idioms, like types, methods...