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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - August Oct 22, 2003

 Discussion Topics



- Darin (W) and Jared (B) are presenting "Eclipse - a universal tool plaform"
  presentation at ICE 2003 on Tuesday afternoon
  - see http://www.iceconference.com/



- debug plug-ins no longer depend on xerces plug-in. The XML files we
  persist are no longer formatted with white space - however, since these
  files are not intended to be human readable, this is not an issue
  (launch config files, for example).
- new "org.eclipse.core.variables" plug-in will be released to HEAD
  *after* this weeks integration build, and will be available for next week

- Ant plug-ins no longer depend on xerces plug-in. Getting code assist to work
  in the Ant Editor with JAXP APIs was more work than we anticipated, due to
  missing column (source index) positions in JAXP.

- bug triage with team and bug fixing
- 2.1.2 RC2 build Wednesday Oct 22, 2pm EDT as per 2.1.2 endgame plan

Platform/JDT Text:
- published M5 plan
- bug fixing
- continued working on Javadoc spell checking
- started working on improved annotation presentation for multiple annotations
  at the same line (see plan item)
- started working on background highlight annotation painter (see plan item)
- moved incremental find status presentation to separate status line item
- introduced post selection listener updating problems view and status line
  if the caret resides inside a problem

- bug fixing
- worked on exception support for change method signature
- added quick fixes for JavaDoc problems
- worked on pushing AST rewrite down to JDT/Core

- worked on improved replace dialog

- Xerces:
  - released Core code to remove depedancy on Xerces
  - other teams are making good progress at conversion
- Concurrency:
  - dynamic team has been created to address remaining outstanding issues
    with Responsive UI
- Equinox:
  - continued work on performance
  - progress made on running WSAD
  - more people are now using the Equinox OSGi runtime
  - new support for fragments is being implemented
- Other:
  - HP-UX version of Core library is now included in a fragment and
    contributed by Sumit Sarkar from HP.

- RCP:
  - talked with Jeem, Wassim, Nick and Jeff about the UI plug-in
    restructuring and backward compatibility
  - looking at different approaches for 2.1 plug-ins running in a 3.0
  - hashing out issues of how PDE is to behave in this scenerio

- removed dependency on Xerces
- one more NL bug fix for 2.1.2 RC2
- released fixes for a number of accessibility bugs in 3.0
- roles in Help currently disabled while the platform UI team redesigns
  the implementation (otherwise, help would be broken and no help books
  would appear)

- OSGi work progresses well - most 'New Bundle' code templates (including
  'Hello, World') now working. We can create a new bundle (with or without
  content), migrate a plug-in into a bundle, update bundle classpath,
  support bundle fragments etc.
- added support for presenting site.xml in  a browser using XSLT (lists
  the site content)

- exploring the Update redesign options
- removed dependency on Xerces

- exploring new look and feel in CTabFolder
- 2.1.2 end game - fix for Solaris
- Bidi with Lena from IBM MiddleEast
- M4 testing