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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - August Oct 15, 2003

Discussion Item:
- Wider use of Equinox

Equinox Status:
- Summary: Equinox is good enough for wider use (see discussion item)
- good progress on several fronts with most M4 items complete
- multi-version support is the notable exception but that is expect this week
- lost a bit on startup performance but expect to have that and more back this week.
- also good progress on running existing applications (e.g., WSAD) on top of Equinox.  Most of the trouble is us learning how to run the other apps.
- Progress on OSGi classloading RFCs expected this week.  This covers fragments, modules, and a host of other issues.

Mike Wilson/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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10/14/2003 05:14 PM
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(Several teams did not send in status.)


Discussion Topics


Rel Eng:

- 3.0 M4 build retrospective



- Zurich lab attended the Eclipse Plug-in Clinic at the Swiss Workshop Days

 for two complete days.

 - pictures at:  http://www.weinand.org/CampEclipse

- Kai gave a half-day tutorial about extending eclipse at the Swiss Workshop


- Erich gave a talk at the Technical University of Vienna: "Eclipse More

 Than a Java IDE"




Rel Eng:

- bug fixing

- builds now use plug-ins and startup.jar from 3.0 M4

- investigate ways to determine which teams have submitted change other than

  from map files
- article on automating builds ongoing

Platform/JDT Text:

- finished M4

- bug fixing:

 - Javadoc formatting performance problems solved

 - still working on linked resources support for file buffers

- started planning M5

- continued Javadoc spell checking


- finished M4

- bug fixing

- started planning M5

Platform Core:

- Concurrency:

 - bug fixing

 - preferences were added for future use to allow for trade-offs between

   concurrent operations and user's hardware performance

- Xerces:

 - sent mail to eclipse-dev asking people to begin converting to JAXP

 - have converted most of the Platform/Core code to JAXP

- other

 - released new code using java.nio classes to deal with the workspace lock file

 - working on M5 milestone plan